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March Newsletter!

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Over 2 years ago the world changed more quickly than ever before, and 2 years later we are currently living in the in-between. We are now working from the comfort of our homes, some have returned to being road warriors and some are balancing both worlds. To the channel veterans reading this, we know that change is what? Constant! Over the last few months the channel has seen even more team transitions, partner departures, new owners & leaders in our community and colleagues leaving our space at accelerated rates.

What does this have to do with Xposure? Everything! Xposure was created to support our channel colleagues as they grow in their careers and by doing so intentionally elevating our culture. Xposure members have seen our share of balancing the load between our families and career aspirations which leave little time for philanthropic opportunities. During the height of the pandemic our community was highly engaged in our webinars, virtual speaking engagements, and one-one-one educational programming around DE&I. Since this re-launch into normalcy, we’ve seen our participation decrease and as the founder of our organization, it's on my shoulders to lead, execute and grow our communities' awareness. I truly believe we have room to do more to engage our community so that we are empowered to act on initiatives that are both fulfilling and impactful.

I’d like to commit to a more structured program where my board and I can commit to the following.

1 Regular Communication Cadence Around Various Programs

2 Continued Webinars Series for DE&I+A Awareness, Education & Training

3 Activate our Member Committees Engagement

I also believe that many hands make light(ish) work so I’d like to also use this opportunity to invite any Xposure members that has been active with us for more than a year to apply for 1 of 3 board seats.Apply here.

I look forward to seeing you in Vegas in a few weeks at Channel Partners, take a peek at our website and linkedin to find out where our team will be! Enjoy the newsletter!

The future is bright!


Founder, Xposure I&DC

Director, Global Partners Five9



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